Widow's Peak

Widow’s Peak is a frontier settlement in the snow covered God’s Teeth Mountains. Formerly a mining town, it fell into decline when the surface mining in the Barony of Holten took off and provided an easier, cheaper source of the same minerals. Widow’s Peak would probably have vanished from the pages of history were it not for the discovery of ancient Dwarven artifacts deep within the mountains around the town. Since, the population of the town has shifted from one of miners to one of delvers and fortune seekers, and it is even said to be growing ever so slowly again.

Widow’s Peak lies at the end of the road into the God’s Teeth mountains; further travel is only possible on foot or horseback but not with carts or wagons. On either side the majestic peaks reach for the sky, while in the far distance the highest peak, Fang, can be seen.

The area is covered in snow year round, the ground frozen solid.


Learned sages have determined that in acient times, Widow’s Peak was a Dwarven trading outpost, where they would meet the surface world and trade with those above ground. The outpost thrived until the time of the Ceasing, after which it was abandoned for many generations. Over the last hundred-odd years, a mining town grew on the ruins of the dwarven outpost, miners digging into the mountains for iron ore, copper and the occasional vein of gold.

Most of the gold veins have now been depleted, and both copper and iron are found in abundance under the hills of Holten. Thus, the mining population has been in steady decline.

The discovery of Dwarven artefacts

When Tomner ‘the Eye’ discovered the first dwarven artifact, his only thought was about his imminent wealth. It did not take mayor Anders long to see the true importance of the mithril axe for Widow’s Peak. Although there has always been rumours about dwarven treasures under the mountain, none had ever been found other than the mineral deposits. The major ensured the news gained legs, spreading like a wildfire through the Kingdom and drawing fortune seekers from far and beyond.

Widow’s Peak nowadays

A town of more and less temporary buildings, built on dwarven ruins. It is common to see buildings with a facade of expertly cut and decorated black marble combined with a mixture of planks, brick and shale.

The largest building is the recently renamed Royal Delver Hostel, owned by the town’s mayor Anders and acting as his town hall s well. It sports a separate dining area and bar, and upstairs has a grand total of 15 rooms that can be rented by the night or by the hour.

The tunnels under Widow’s Peak

Underneath the surface lie basements and excavated areas of Dwarven times. Combined with the mining activities they form a warren of tunnels that are only partially explored and poorly known. Rumour is that Widow’s Peaks seedier occupants use these for storage of illicit goods, smuggling, and the like.

Some of the tunnels extend deep into the mountains, others are local only.

Key Individuals

Widow's Peak

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