Welcome to the Portal site for the Saga of the North, a Dungeon World campaign taking place in a region of mountains and snow, in a world where the dwarves have long since Ceased to exist.

This site has a number of areas:

  • The Tales of Adventure; here we will keep track of the sessions, epic events and discoveries
  • The Encyclopedia; here we will keep track of the world and what we know of it
  • The Dramatis Personae; here we keep track of our valiant heroes and known NPCs
  • The Artifacts & Relics, here we keep track of known items and artifacts of power

The players are very much invited to contribute to these pages to make this site truly the brainchild of the entire group. See Instructions and Layout for some guidance on how to lay out text and what style options are available.

Our heroes struggled through snow and cavern in their first adventure Session One – A Rocky Start.

The Saga of the North

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