The Saga of the North

Session One - A Rocky Start

... with Blizzards, Snogres, Goblins and Wolves

We find the characters huddled in a cave within the God’s Tooth Mountains. Originally sent to scout and recover dwarven artifacts from a mine, Zeke’s masterful ranging has led them astray.

I can’t believe I’ve let these people down. They were relying on me and I have failed them.

Some wonder what even led them to accept this task from Gala, the half-orc lawmaker – oddly enough Trisha is complaining the loudest, while she was the one who landed the group with this job.

I certainly did not land us this job. Gala just had it in for us and sent us on a suicide mission.

Now hounded by Snogres and stranded by a furious blizzard, Nimo tries to make the best of the situation by exploring the cave. When he discovers a small tunnel that leads into the dark unknown, he takes the only possible action: turns into a snowfox and dives in. The absence of light has him exploring by scent and sound alone, and after a while he realizes he is lost, and in the company of something vile.

Concerned with Nimo’s absence, and looking for literally any reason to escape the blizzard, Aliara squeezes through the tunnel as well and tries to find the druid. Since aliara did not bring any light either, this turned out to be no easy task.

While I still maintain shouting into the dark is perfectly reasonable, it turns out goblins can hear just as well as foxes.

The sunless abominations swarm Aliara and Nimo, the druid in snowfox-shape rushing to hide behind the fighter. Slashing back and forth, Aliara attempts to keep the vermin at bay, but they soon try to flank her. When two go for Aliara’s legs, one is distracted by Nimo but but the other makes it, toppling the fighter.

Alerted to the danger, Zeke and Trisha crawl through the tunnel to find the situation handled perfectly by their comrades; Aliara the mighty elf sprawled on the ground, while Nimo the mighty fox comes to her rescue. With Zeke and Trisha’s help, the group turned the tide and sent the remaining goblins running…

…for reinforcements.

Trisha, either cunning or cowardly depending on who you ask, is the first to break ranks and escape. Aliara helps Zeke up from where is clinging to the edge of a seemingly bottomless pit – the result of a careless sidestep in the dark. The others follow, with Aliara standing strong despite taking an arrow to the face. Beat that guards from Skyrim.

It’s called a tactical retreat. Look it up. Maybe you guys will learn something.

Dammit. It’s my fault that Aliara is scarred. We should never have been here. I must redeem myself

Finding themselves back at square one, the group decides to brave the elements and put some distance between themselves and the two races who basically want them dead. An earlier vision now reveals to Nimo that the blizzard may be the best opportunity to escape past the snow ogres. While making camp on their journey, they are awoken by Nimo’s ferocious bear-roar and just manage to see a pack of Winter Wolves fade back into the snow, certainly sure this group of incompetents will perish on their own.

With Zeke on the ground and Nimo in the sky the group finally manages to find the mine they were sent to in the first place, hopeful they can score their first real loot.


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